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Our story

It is in 1975 that the first golfers were able to play on a 9-hole course. The initiators of the project were Mr. Gaétan St-Germain and Mr. Claude Dufour. A few years later, in 1978, Mr. Jean Dumas bought Mr. Dufour’s shares. Then in 1981, a second 9-hole course was opened in a coniferous forest. A big party was organized over 2 days with fireworks, barbecue and a Bavarian orchestra under the big top…

In 1990, Mr. Dumas became the sole owner by buying the shares from his partner, Mr. Gaétan St Germain. In 1995, Mr. Dumas’ children became shareholders of the company.

A family business, in the heart of the countryside, which has something to please and change the mood of golfers of all ages.

Renovations were needed and in 1997 a new golf store and snack bar were built. Since then, the golf club has been managed by the Dumas family, who has continued to improve the conditions of the course and to welcome golfers with hospitality. In 2000, a new logo was designed to better reflect the image of the golf course as it celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Ormstown Golf Club logo was unveiled at a brunch. The design shows a river topped by a bridge flanked by conifers.

With more and more golfers coming to the club, new renovations are needed in the fall of 2012. The reception hall was completely renovated and can now accommodate 250 guests.

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